• Bit.ly
  • Tinyurl.com
  • Is.gd
  • j.mp
What have these all got in common? Yes they can make long complicated URLs shorter, making them easier to remember and especially to post on Twitter. Yes, they all quick to type too. But the main things they have in common are that they are CHARACTERLESS AND BORING.
I implore you, from now on when you need to shorten a URL, please use the magnificent upthear.se – As well as being able to choose your own personal ending, how can it possibly not raise a smile?
Here are some of my favourite blogs in an easy to remember upthear.se stylee !!
http://upthear.se/woolhouse – Nicola Woolhouse
http://upthear.se/vickyhook – Vicky Hook (nee “Harsehole)
http://upthear.se/drunksarah – Sarah Williamson
While I’m on an upthear.se roll, if any of you guys are around on Sunday the 14th, come to a new comedy night in Angel at The New Red Lion Theatre to see Richard Herring, Imran Yusuf and others, all held together by Catie Wilkins, MC – Tickets at upthear.se/newredlioncomedy
Yes I know – crappy blog, but let’s crush tinyurl, dwarfweb, nanoaddress and all the dreary but practical shorteners, and lets all get upthear.se now!
(Oh, quick note to self – try and do more blogs that aren’t just about going to comedy gigs)

2 thoughts on “Upthear.se

  1. As cool as upthear.se is, Bit.ly lets you customise links:


    So is automatically 4 characters shorter. Not that big a deal, admittedly, but when you're fighting for character space, it could count. Anyhow, I shall start using upthear.se forthwith 🙂

  2. 4 characters shorter. But DULL DULL DULL ! (You can customise upthear.se too by the way, and because its quite a new shortener there are so many that have not been taken)

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