Sanders, Brown and Dean

So after a long boozy lunch with a mate in Kings Cross I decided it was time to head home. My bus stop is just round the corner from 2Northdown, and I was flagged down by none other than Lou Sanders outside the venue. She was on at any moment, so in  I went and took my seat.

Garett Millerick was the compere for this show, and he was as angry as ever, primarily about his credit card’s customer service team. As a customer service person myself, I identified with the poor lady on the other end of the phone! Even though he did two short regular sets rather than making the audience feel at ease or chatting to them, he was very funny.

Lou’s show this year is all based around shame. She told us a few stories while singing her ‘shame’ jingle as she didn’t have it with her, and also spotted a lady in the front row who wasn’t enjoying it as much as the rest of us! We were having a great time! Lou’s time ended (or did it? No one is sure) but she was soon off to her next gig of the night.

I had spotted Larry Dean outside the venue too when I arrived and I assumed it was just him on next but no. The next act announced was Alfie Brown. I have seen him a few times and I have seen the audience react in different ways! But his ISIS/Daesh material worked well tonight, and there wasn’t too much material that could shock too much.

I had gone to The Bill Murray a few months ago to see Larry Dean and sadly the show was pulled. Not tonight though thankfully! I haven’t seen him live before but had checked out quite a few YouTube clips. He didn’t disappoint, telling us about the struggles of his long distance relationship with his boyfriend in Australia and occasionally lapsing into a character doing ‘London Observational Comedy’. Josh Widdicombe perhaps?

A great night, that I cut short early cos my tiredness was getting to me. It was the always brilliant Max and Ivan on next, but I knew I needed to get home. So thanks to Lou Sanders for grabbing me and the chap from 2Northdown (whose name I have shamefully forgotten) for inviting me in.